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How Can a PFO Lead to Stroke?

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Normally, the heart pumps blood into the lungs. There, blood cells receive oxygen, and blood clots get filtered out.

In people with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), blood and blood clots can bypass the lungs. Clots that move through the heart can get pumped to the brain and cause a stroke. This is called a
PFO-associated stroke
. Closing the PFO lowers a person’s risk of having another stroke.

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3 questions to ask your doctor*:

  1. Have I had all the testing I need to determine the cause of my stroke?
  2. Did test results identify the cause of my stroke?
  3. Was my stroke related to a PFO?

*Guidance from the American Academy of Neurology

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Understand Your Treatment Options

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If you or a loved one have a PFO and have experienced a stroke, we have resources you may find helpful.

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