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What Happens After the PFO Closure Procedure?

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After the procedure, your medical team may discuss an after-care plan with you. You should expect to be discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. You may be prescribed aspirin (81 to 325 mg) and clopidogrel (75 mg) to be taken daily for one month after the procedure, followed by daily aspirin (81 to 325 mg) alone for at least five additional months. Your doctor may prescribe additional medication beyond six months. You will have an echocardiogram at six months so that your doctor can make sure that your Amplatzer™ PFO Occluder is properly in place.

Regular check-ups with your doctor are very important. Call or see your doctor whenever you have questions or if you have any unusual problems, such as bleeding, pain, discomfort or changes in your overall health.

You will also be given an Amplatzer™ PFO Occluder Patient ID card. Please carry it with you at all times and tell other doctors that you have had the PFO closure procedure before any medical, dental or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) procedures. Failure to do so may result in health problems or damage to the PFO occluder.

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